When the ninth house of your chart is activated, then nothing will be able to stop you. You will be so adventurous and during this week, you will be talking a lot about your adventurous tasks as well. Why because Mercury is also moving into this house this week. New expectations and new desires will be filling your spirit. That will help you to move forward with a lot of zeal. Foreign traveling and collaborations can come up. New ideas will come up and you will try to put it down as an article, novel, blog or vlog .

ou will explore the spiritualist in you. This is a good week for spiritual pursuits and debates. You will be interacting with people from different cultures and belief system. Working with foreign projects can also be a part of this week. Politics, law, and administration related sectors will give you more to think and act. You have multiple planets acting on your belief system, so, there will be multiple ideas, which will be discussed. Stay away from arguments as everyone has their own opinions. Learning and training also can be a part of this week. You will be interested in teaching, preaching and counseling as well.

The full moon will be influencing your communications during this week. It is not that happy to deal with your busy schedule. You may feel like getting lost in your work and personal life. The number of communications will increase and that will come from personal as well as professional sector. A lot of work from media, sales, and teaching will come up and they will also require fine endings. You will have to get involved in your sibling’s life. They are going through a needy time and they expect you to be a part of their life. Short travels and short projects are also a part of your life.


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