by Matt Robinson

Crazed, spanner-wielding YouTuber Colin Furze borrowed The Stig for his latest project – a sports bike-engined bumper car…

While it’s awfully fun to see Furze and a certain chap in white racing overalls bombing around in this mad 100bhp creation, the bit we’re more interesting is the build. It’s split into two fairly long videos, but trust us – with the level of fascinating, bespoke work gone into this project, they’re well worth your time.

Using a retro bumper car as a starting point, Furze created a new, much lighter base, building in a chassis from scratch to house the 600cc four-cylinder engine from a Honda CBR600F.

The result is a bonkers 100bhp bumper car, which was able to top 100mph, clocking a Guinness World Record in the process.