Management will have new goals for you. There will be more work from multiple domains. However, you need to be very careful to have a good relationship with your managers. They may give your complex tasks. You should stretch yourself to be productive during this month.

This is month will give you multiple opportunities to strengthen your career, rest depends on your perspective. The solar transit through the sector for a career will majorly show the flaws of your career. So, the universe will give you many such opportunities to set a solid foundation for your career.

Home and family also will need a lot of focus during this month. From the second month onwards the importance of family and home will increase. Real estate deals will be a big part of this month.

There will be more needs for your family members. They will be looking for new commitments. Elderly female figures will be having many needs when the full moon rises in the second month. You should be prepared for that. It can be emotional, physical as well as financial needs. Opportunities for repairing and fixing also can come up.


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