Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Drop the drawbridge, Scorpio, and let people cross the moat and enter your well-guarded fortress. The moon spends the day in your third house of communication, giving you the gift of gab. Your desire for companionship may be so strong it takes you by surprise—but go with it! See how much fun you can have just jumping into conversations in line at the coffeeshop, while chilling at the water cooler or on social media. If someone keeps popping into your head, pick up the phone! It could be your intuition working overtime. It’s possible they need the kind of advice and wry humor only you can provide. Take yourself to your favorite bookstore and browse the stacks; or, speaking of stacks, bring your pile of unread ‘zines to a cafe and catch up on your reading.