Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

For single Scorpio, there are many romantic opportunities at work – one of the reasons for this is that you will be networking and meeting many new people via the opportunities you get to travel and attend conferences or meetings.

Scorpio are also proactive in love, and even if you are not willing to actually ask someone out, you sure will take any opportunity to chat up or at least approach the object of your desire. Scorpio are very sexual this month, and so you will be more likely to perceive others as sexy, and you will make a move that can certainly lead to some excitement.

It is a very good month for couples who run businesses together or who work closely together – somehow you are really gelling and enjoying your work, and this sense of satisfaction from work will permeate the relationship, leading to good sex and exciting times together.

Whatever your relationship status is, Scorpio are looking to inject more passion and also some creativity and zest into the relationship, and so relationships are due for a shake-up. Scorpio have an idealistic and spontaneous approach to love, and they are going to keep pushing your buttons until you wake up and smell the roses. It’s all about making loving fun again.

Scorpio Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

After a frustrating month in June, things are on the roll again, and you have regained a sense of confidence in your chosen course and direction. This month will see plans come together, and things will click, especially regarding new projects and with any self-improvement initiative, i.e. education, fitness or diet.

You will feel this month as if you do not need advice or direction and that you can handle things just fine. You have the drive and energy to put into any area of life that you feel needs fixing or taking forward.

This month is ideal for anyone who is convalescing after a health concern, especially one to do with an accident or flu. Your health is robust, and a positive attitude will help restore your vitality fast. Fresh air and being outdoors are essential for all Scorpio his month, but even more so if you have felt run down or unwell.

Being physically active is vital to both emotional and bodily health, and no matter how busy you are, taking time to have a brusque walk, clean the car, walk instead of using the bus, etc., can release all those endorphins you need right now to combat stress and help your overall health.

Letting off steam is vital, and so you should not let anything that is annoying you or causing you upset to fly; you should not shy away from confrontation, and this month is perfect for solving personal problems via some direct communication. Remember to be direct and to the point when raising issues with others – stick to the main points and do not be subtle, be blunt.

This month Scorpio can win and can be first, and so whatever you do, aim for the number one spot. You can be the best this month, and in all your relationships you deserve the best, and so do not accept second best from anyone.

Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

A very good month for forward planning regarding business and career. It is also a time when it is essential that you pay more attention to your public image, and that means looking professional on all your websites and updating your CV with relevant information. If you have been looking for a job and sending out the same CV over and over, then it is time to change it up, make it look more modern and exciting – you may even get an expert to write one for you. Scorpio are very modest and not good at self-promotion, and that is why having someone else write your CV could lead to it being a better reflection of yourself. Do no undersell yourself this month, and if you are freelance, look again at what your rates are and see if they properly reflect the value you offer clients.

This month, look at the way you interact with the public – get new business cards, have a new, more dynamic, interactive website built, think about any of the new media options that you are not yet using to promote yourself or your business.

July is the month to make strides in your career or your industry; you have to be seen as modern, innovative and adaptable – you cannot keep on doing things the same way. You need to be aware of where your industry is going in respect of international developments, technology and media, and you can do well if you are first to make the changes.

Going to seminars or joining networks of professionals in your field can be a great way of getting new ideas and being in the know. Being in the know, as such, and being the first to get hold of new information can change your prospects very positively.