our career-related matters will be highlighted by the aspect of multiple planets. Always you should remember, multiple-planet means multiple tasks, hence complexities. You will have to handle multiple matters at home as well as work. New projects will be coming up as well. This is also the time for appraisals, so be very productive at work.

Mercury was in a slow down mode for the last so many days and during this month, it will turn direct. Short projects from various communication-related domains can come up. Projects from writing, sales, teaching, and training also will be making you busier

. You have to make some practical plans as there are chances of missing some projects. Those projects which were trailing will advance during this phase. Upskilling and short travels also can be a part of this phase. During this month, you will surely get chances to project yourself as a multitasker as well. This is also a good time to start own ventures. Your siblings and relatives will also have progressive communications with you. This is a time to help each other for the common wellbeing.


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