Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

You can sway between the extremes this month – from being loving and very sexual, to feeling annoyed with your partner. You need reassurance right now, and if you do not get that compliment you are looking for or that word of encouragement that you are hinting at, you can become quite mardy. Your attitudes towards your partner can change very quickly and at the slightest thing. You are feeling rather edgy this month, and it will not take much for you to take your frustrations out on your partner or lover via sarcastic comments or silent treatment.

It’s not all bad, though – you will have to take the rough with the smooth, and you also need to realise that you are rather unpredictable right now and quite hard to please: so see it from another’s point of view.

Rows about how to spend money will be common this month. If you are moving or redecorating, it will be the subject of much argument as you are unlikely to agree about choices. You have to be compromising right now in terms of your home life and also decision-making about the children.

In both new and established relationships, you must not allow insecurity to dominate your reactions and interpretation of others or events as you are inclined to jump the gun and get the wrong end of the stick or even the wrong stick.

Taurus Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

Family is centre stage this month, and you may travel to family events and get-togethers.

If you are renting, you may look for a new place to live in order to cater for a growing family, to be closer to schools or to be closer to work so that you can spend more time with family. If you own your own home, you are less likely to move this month; you may, however, look to do improvements or extensions to make life easier, i.e. a new living area or a workshop or office. This month your interest in history is aroused – it may be work related, i.e. if you are in fashion you may look to fashions of the past for inspiration. You know the saying, “Nothing new under the sun!” This month, you will look into the past for inspiration for your current projects, i.e. retro hairdressing, music, literature; home decorating; jewellery; architecture; shopfitting or even political ideologies of old. You may become so immersed in your delving into the past that you develop an interest you never knew you had.

You are highly sentimental this month, and hobbies, like scrapbooking or archiving your old videos and photographs, will be a priority. You will be eager to share stories about your past with your children, and there is a pressing need in you to document and pass on things from your past that capture your life – no matter what age you are.

While last month was frenetic and a little irritating at times, you are far more relaxed this month, yet no less productive.

You may begin a new food preparation technique, i.e. slow cooking, steaming, pressure cooking or a raw food diet in order to free up time or take a more healthy approach to your life. July is definitely the month to rearrange your affairs at home to make life easier and also more enjoyable.

Relatives coming to stay can mean there is some disruption; however, there can be many positive spin-offs, i.e. new recipes, help in the garden, help with DIY.

Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

You will have to do quite a bit of reading this month for work to expand your knowledge. You will need a very broad understanding of a new field and will have to retain quite a bit of information in a short time.

You may have some study leave and be able to spend time working from home, or you may be able to take a sabbatical. Those who have summer off from work can spend this time very productively pursuing a second career or making money from your hobbies. This is not a time when you will stay at home and be lazy – you are highly motivated and eager to extend yourself mentally.

There can be good news from overseas suppliers in terms of lower costs or better terms. There may be a drop in transport costs this month due to new services or a drop in global oil prices.

Work within teams and groups will proceed with far less aggravation in July. It will be easy to get cooperation and make progress that is mutually rewarding.

This is a favourable month to finalise a real estate deal or relocate your business to a location with easier access or better rates and taxes. Your work may bring you into contact with the forestry, mining, construction or property industries.