Taurus April 2019

Mercury goes retrograde in your first house from the 10th of the month until May 4th and so during this phase, your life will be more unpredictable and disruptive, with the everyday things you rely on not working as they should, and you will also find it more difficult to express yourself and communicate with clarity. What seems like a perfectly clear instruction to you may seem anything but to others, and misunderstandings can result.

It is harder to deal with people within the family and at work as you are all snappy and too quick to judge and lose patience with others.

This is not the time to act in haste – check and recheck your facts and your sources before you go ahead. Think before you speak, and be as clear and transparent as possible. This is not the best month for financial planning or decisions as information can be contradictory and hard to make head or tail of.

If you are going to make a big deal of something, make sure you have your facts straight. This is a time to be extra cautious in any role which involves advice giving – make sure that the receiver of that advice understands its uses and limitations.