The week ahead for Taurus

Mercury is moving through the sector for emotional self and losses. You have to be very careful because this is not the right place for this planet. You may have some concerns related to personal and professional life. This is also a time to work behind the scenes. You may try to make some plans for your future. Healing and therapy are also seen. You may like to stand alone and make some plans for your life.

Mars will be triggering the sector for finances and speech. You are looking for part-time ventures. Unexpected expenses can come up. Gains are also seen from unexpected sources. It may be difficult for you to keep a balance between income and expenses. So, you should cut off your expenses. Save some money as a reserve. At work, you may have to give a lot of physical stress. There will be some arguments in the family. You may have to be very careful with what you speak with your dear and near ones

The full moon will bring some perfections regarding work, colleagues, and liabilities. The full moon indicates perfections and completions. So, there may become completions regarding your workplace. You may be searching for a new job and you may get an answer regarding that. Some projects may get completed. You may have to be very careful with your colleagues as well.


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