Taurus weekly horoscope is showing a lot of prominence for family matters. Mercury, the planet for communications will be slowing down in this house. During this slow down phase, you will be looking at the possibilities of renovation and repairing. Still, you have to be very careful with any such deals.

Real estate deals are supposed to come up, but you need to be very careful because, when Mercury goes in a slow down mode, then there are chances for wrong analysis can take place. You should not take any quick decision regarding your family and home. During this week, you may meet with your relatives. Mars is also in this same place, and that may bring some arguments. These planetary movements indicate complex situations at home. Try to be flexible and understanding, otherwise, there can be some arguments.

These planetary movements will trigger your career sector as well. Technical issues are also possible during this phase. You need to take care of your technical gadgets and electronic communication. Please make sure your responsibilities are taken care of properly. This is not a great time to argue with your colleagues as well. You may have to do some rework during this time.

You will have really spent a lot of physical energy to multitask and that will be a challenging time for you. During this week, the Sun and Venus will move into the deeper degrees of Cancer, which is a water sign. Due to this water element, there are chances for physical issues, and you have to really limit yourself from stretching too much. Otherwise, you may get physical issues. Most of the projects can be related to writing, editing, sales, marketing, teaching, and training. Students have to be very careful as the planet for intellect Mercury is in a slow down mode. You will have travel plans and be careful with that.


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