We all know about the MK2 Golf but very few people know of the Country edition. Volkswagen built 7,735 of these things which is a very limited number for the German ‘peoples’ manufacturer. To put that into perspective, Volkswagen built 6.3 million MK2 golfs overall…

The Golf Country was co-made by Volkswagen and an Austrian brand called Steyr-Daimler-Puch who were known for producing off-road vehicles at the time. The idea for the Country was to introduce a sort of medium off-road vehicle with more suspension travel than a standard Golf riding at 8.3 inches in total as well as a Synchro 4WD system. The Country also features a bullbar at the front and rear, skid plate to protect the front underside, subframe to protect the rear underside as well as a rear mounted spare wheel which I for one think looks phenomenal. I mean just look at how cool that looks.

The Country came with the standard 98bhp from the 1.8L Golf engine which was just about enough to get it over a pebble on the road. There was another version available called the ‘Country Allround’ which was designed to appeal to the masses which was fitted with more ‘luxury’ items including electric and heated mirrors, leather steering wheel, and bull bar with the extra rally like headlights (a must have!).

In addition to the ‘Country Allround’, there was the Chrompaket which came with chrome bull bars and sliding sunroof. But, it gets better than that. That’s right, there is a GTI variant! This came with 114 horsepower from a 1.8L Golf GTI engine but unfortunately was only made for the staff behind the project. Upsetting but understandable.

But, not all hope is lost. I was having a look on CarandClassic and noticed there is in fact one for sale for £4,500 which really excited me, but unfortunately I was put of by the way the seller spelled the word Tyre…. Apparently it is “Tyeres” which are also in good “conditionen” as well it having the all important “removabel’ towbar. Perhaps he should have used a spell check…


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