These planets are going to trigger your work life as well. Always remember when a group of planets is standing together then you will have complexities. During this month, you will be working hard and smart.

The situations are a little challenging, so, you need to be very careful with your work. Spending time at multiple projects will make you distracted, so you need to focus more. This is not the right time to take any risk regarding your work. There will be some issues, but you should manage them carefully.

Mercury is was in a slow down mode until last month, it will turn direct during this month and that will be bringing many changes in your hopes and gains. This forward pace will bring a lot of progress in the team ventures.

You have to work on new projects and that will need some research and analysis. This is a busy phase for you as you will have multiple projects from finance as well as technical communication. Social gatherings will help you to improve your contacts.