Virgo Horoscope 2019: Career & Money Forecast

As we mentioned earlier, you’re in a banner financial year. A year of prosperity and financial growth. The financial horizons are much expanded. Jupiter in your own sign until September 9 ushers in the ‘high life’. One lives on a higher standard. One lives as if one were rich (each according to their own concept of wealth). The cosmos is indulging your sensual desires – the desires of the flesh. So, without any conscious effort on your part, you eat in the better restaurants, you drink the finer wines, you travel more, you dress more expensively, etc. People see you as wealthy. You project the image of wealth and prosperity.

There is a deep magic – a deep metaphysical principle – in cultivating the image of wealth. It puts you in that vibration. You start to attract wealthier people into your life. You attract financial opportunity as well. Further, when you project this image, you tend to ‘feel’ wealthier and the feeling of wealth always precedes the actual manifestation.

On September 10, as Jupiter enters your money house, the actual, tangible, touchable wealth starts to happen. Financial opportunities come. Things that you already own are worth more. You catch lucky financial breaks. You have a feeling of financial optimism.

Jupiter involved in finance shows good family support, as we have mentioned. It shows earnings from real estate, the food business, hotels and industries that cater to the home – such as interior design, furniture providers, landscaping and things of this nature. It favours earning from home and a family-type business.

But Jupiter is not the only factor influencing your financial life. Venus is your financial planet and in order to really understand the financial picture we must study her. However, she is a fast-moving planet – and this year more so than usual. Thus there are many short-term trends in finance that are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Venus’s speedy motion this year – she will visit some of your houses twice, when she usually only does so once – is also a good financial signal. It shows confidence, rapid progress and good forward momentum.

This is not an especially strong career year. Most of the long-term planets are below the horizon of your chart. Your 10th house of career is basically empty and only short-term planets will move through there. Sure, there will be periods where career is important, but these are short lived. Your focus is more on money and home and family issues.

You tend to be ambitious by nature, but this year less so than usual. Mercury, your career planet, is also a fast-moving planet (usually faster than Venus, but not this year). Thus there are many short-term trends in the career that we will cover in the monthly reports.

Because Mercury will go into retrograde motion four times this year – more than usual – there is more review needed in the career. There is a greater need too for mental clarity on this subject. Things are not as they seem.


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