Virgo Love, Career, Life April 2018

Virgo Life April 2018

This is a very idealistic time for you, and you will throw your efforts into activities that fulfil your more esoteric needs. If you are spiritually inclined, you may well want to go on a retreat or work with others towards a charitable mission as part of your church. If you are Muslim, you may go on a pilgrimage. Virgos of faith will want to affirm that faith in a meaningful way via community service or learning more about your faith. For Virgos who are less interested in religion, you may still explore the meaning of life via art, music or even via drugs (although I in no way endorse use of drugs).

There is a need to connect with something greater and to experiment and experience new and somewhat radical things. This is a month of letting go for Virgo and of allowing your guard down if only for a few moments.

Virgos have very strong boundaries and yet this month and also this year as a whole you will be offered a chance via love or via new people coming into your life to let your hair down and go with the flow. This will open you up to unusual experiences that are out of your usual frame of reference.

Virgos may find themselves doing something quite out of character that can be very liberating. This is not a good month for important financial or administrative decisions as you may base your decision on what you want to believe rather than cold hard facts; you may also interpret facts in a somewhat subjective way.

Virgo Love April 2018

Clarity can be a problem in new relationships; you may be unsure of what each other wants and expects. Communication is vital, but it may be that you end up talking at cross-purposes, and so you need to keep things simple and discuss one issue at a time. It may also be that it’s all talk and no action with moments of understanding that do not lead to any meaningful change.

Virgo will also have to be careful of giving the wrong impression to friends and inadvertently leading them on. This can be a time when affairs or flings happen – your judgment may be impaired, or your need to let your hair down may involve a little sexual indiscretion. Sexual liaisons that are not meant to lead anywhere may be just what you need to relax – Virgo may be ambivalent about emotional commitment and so loosely defined or shortterms affair may fulfil a role.

Your partner may well be considering a major life change that will affect you as well, and you need to trust them that it will be the right thing for you both despite short-term disruption. In general, uncertainty can stem from transitions in your partner’s life, but you should be open to these changes as they can be the catalyst for new opportunities for you.

This is not a time when you can control the direction of relationships; you may have to take a step back and allow fate to take control – this can be very disturbing for Virgos who enjoy being in control, but the challenge this year is to feel the magic of letting go and letting things just happen.

Virgo Career April 2018

Religious instincts are strong this month, and Virgos will long for integration within a group with a universal focus and that may impact on Virgos who are seeking jobs – i.e. Virgos may look to work for an institution or cause that reflects their values and that maybe something like Medicine Sans Fronteirs, the UN, UNESCO, Greenpeace. There is also the need to give something back, and that may be via using your skills in the third world or campaigning against companies who use sweat shops.

This month is excellent for cultural awareness and for promoting tolerance and understanding. You have a fascination and appreciation of foreign cultures, and this is excellent for international travel to promote trade, cultural links and also for academic exchanges.

Opportunities must be cultivated right now – luck is on your side, but you should not rely on others to help or steer you; you have to go with your heart and trust your instincts to make changes and choices that can change your life direction. The challenge is to make leaps without knowing all the facts; it is part and parcel of this year and not everything will be clear cut, and that is why you will have to veer from facts and logic and make some decisions from the heart.