Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Hopefully you have scratched any wanderlust itches over the past four weeks because starting on Tuesday, May 21, the Sun leaves your worldly, adventurous ninth house and blasts into Gemini and your tenth house of professional ambition and success until June 21. It’s time to slip your passport and unspent pesos back in the drawer and hunker down at the office—or maybe get serious about launching Virgo, Inc.! Not only will el Sol add its blazing heat to this area for the next month, but your galactic guardian, brainy Mercury, will also make the same move on Tuesday. Though the winged one’s visit will be a quick two-week sprint, you can accomplish a lot in that time. Set your sights on a few lofty goals, including one that feels almost beyond your reach. Map out the strides you’ll need to take to get there, then begin that “journey of a thousand steps.” Since the tenth house is the executive suite of the zodiac wheel, reach up to someone more experienced for an assist. It doesn’t take away your power to ask for advice or an introduction. You’ll still succeed or fail according to your own efforts, but tapping those friends in high places is a great way to shatter the (real or perceived) glass ceiling. In your personal life, this is an ideal month to get know the fellas in your inner circle better…perhaps starting with dear old Dad? Understanding the underpinnings of that relationship and how it informs your approach to communicating with men NOW could be downright illuminating.