First dates are fearsome and fascinating; fantastic and freaky. Many of us simultaneously love and dread first dates simply due to the fact that they’re new. While new experiences aren’t always scary, the nerves that come with meeting someone new for the first time definitely gets our hearts beating fast.

With the blood pumping and the anxiety flaring, it’s no surprise that we might find ourselves fumbling and flubbing our pre-prepared conversation topics. Some signs are naturally more nervous than others, making it easy for the nerves to get out of hand in a heightened situation (like happy hour with that cute guy from Human Resources). As the old saying goes: knowledge is power. The more knowledgeable we are about our sign’s nerve tendencies, the more we’ll be able to stop it in its tracks. Clammy, anxious hands be gone!

Resulting in little spills to full-out blunders, these are the signs that might be more inclined to let their nerves get away from them. Now we’ll be able to stop mess-ups in their tracks, right? Looks like it’s time to read on and find out.


Cancer Women: Opening Up Is Essential For A Good First Date, Making Cautious Cancer More Likely To Mess Up

Poor Cancer! The whole world wants us to open up, while Cancers just want to connect one-on-one with certain special people. For a sign that likes to be sure of someone before opening up their heart to them, first dates are tricky.

It’s easy for the Cancer to mess up because they find it difficult to turn on that instant-connection charm.

Cancers overthink as well, making it difficult to bounce back from an anxious first date. Trust us, Cancer: go on a second date. It might have felt like a major mess up, but we guarantee that more time is going to give truer answers.


Cancer Men: Your First Dates Are Best When They Just Go With The Flow

Cancers are amazing once they come out of their shell. They’re loyal, comfortable, and are easy to not only laugh with but also to have meaningful discussions with. They like the security that comes with having a plan, however, which makes improvisation and spontaneity issues. On first dates, those two qualities are incredibly important. Meeting someone we don’t know very well requires quite a lot of flow. It’s a give-and-take process when we’re trying to figure out who someone is. The first date can often flop because of this. Rest assured though: going with the flow will get more comfortable as dates go on, giving a true sense of what this partner could be like.


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