July 27 to July 29, 2018
Free Weekend Love Horoscope – scorpio
The planetary alignment in your chart suggests that this weekend is going to be a busy one, Scorpio. Thankfully you will be feeling energized from the recent full moon and this will serve you well. While it is good to be busy and socialize, be sure to take a moment or two to spend with your love. Cuddle up and watch a movie together. This quiet time together will do you both good. It will nourish both your heart and your soul, Scorpio.
Single Scorpio, as you are out and about meeting new people this weekend , think about which qualities stand out the most for you. When you become clear on your values the right people will come into your life. Love is just around the corner so get excited and let your heart lead the way. Don’t worry about plans for now, go with the flow this weekend and see what transpires, Scorpio.