Virgo Horoscope



Feb 18, 2019 – Feb 24, 2019 – With chatty Mercury and nebulous Neptune in your sector of relating, interactions could help you clarify your thoughts and feelings. However, with the sun moving into this same zone on Monday, it might be time to take stock and consider what comes next. This is a good time for all kinds of teamwork, collaboration, and improving key relationships.

Where romance is concerned, Monday’s tie between tactful Venus and sobering Saturn could see you having second thoughts about a love interest. Feelings could go from cold to hot, until by the end of the week you crave this person’s attention. With a supermoon in your sign on Tuesday, feelings could be overwhelming and cause you to make decisions that may not be in your best interests. If you have a desire to do or say anything that will change the status quo, think very carefully before you act.