A woman who picked up a Ferrari 458 Italia from a rental dealership crashed the car just moments after picking it up. The woman was filmed stating it was her first time driving a Ferrari and explains what an amazing feeling it was driving the car, shortly before losing control.

The aftermath of the accident – Image from Sohu

The red, Italian super car appears to have lost control in the wet weather, perhaps the driver had somehow turned off the traction control, but none the less the car veered into the central reservation and ploughed into oncoming traffic. The Ferrari collided with another car coming in the opposite direction before coming to a halt.


The damage on the Ferrari was pretty horrific, with the front axle snapped, the bonnet removed from it’s hinges and airbags deployed. Thankfully, both driver and passenger left the accident unharmed. The rental company have stated that the repairs will cost half the value of the car.


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